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About BERT: BERT is not just another outdoor sports shoe brand. Our shoes are designed specifically for active people to wear before and after their activities, whether it's running, cycling, wakeboarding, or white water rafting. BERT shoes are the first pre/post-activity footwear tailored for active life enthusiasts.

Why BERT? Traditional sports footwear is specialized and often inconvenient for other uses. Cyclists don't want to ruin their cleats on pavement, climbers prefer not to wear their climbing shoes from home to the mountain, and windsurfers avoid wearing boots on their way to the beach. As sports gear becomes more specialized, it becomes less versatile.

At BERT, we understand the excitement of gear enthusiasts. Our shoes enhance the experience for passionate sportspeople and complement rather than compete with specialized sports footwear.

Smart Packing: Active individuals prioritize saving space and weight. BERT shoes are designed to fit into tight spaces, keeping you light and mobile.

Our Journey: Since launching in October 2023, we've sold mora than 200 pairs worldwide, primarily in the US and Colombia. Our goal is to become a staple in the backpack of every active person.

After careful consideration, we've decided it's time to seek additional investment to help us manage our rapid growth. It's a daunting yet exciting time as we prepare for the next steps. If you're interested in learning more or know someone who might be, please click below to receive more information.

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