Trekking diaries with the adventurous hiker: Andres Roldan

Trekking diaries with the adventurous hiker: Andres Roldan

 Welcome to our exclusive interview with an intrepid hiker whose passion for exploring has no limits. Today, we delve into the captivating world of a true wanderer, learning from his experiences, insights, and thrilling escapades amidst nature´s breathtaking beauty. The amazing thing about hikers is that in spite of toiling through the rough terrain, the tiredness seems to vanish the moment they meet their destination. That´s the inherent spirit of being a trekker or a hiker like Andres. He is 26 years old and was born in Medellin, Colombia. He describes himself as an individual with a strong determination and adventurous mind. He fall in love with the idea of exploring the great outdoors at an early age. Inspired by tales of explorers and adventurers. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as us did. 

Q: Which was your first hiking adventure and how was the experience?

My first true hiking experience took place in 2017 when I embarked on an exciting journey with my friends to the snowy mountain El Cocuy (the largest glacial mass north of the equator in South America). Trekking through the landscapes of Cocuy was an exceptional adventure, offering a breathtaking array of natural wonders. The awe-inspiring scenery features snow-capped peaks, majestic cliffs, glacial lakes and cascading waterfalls.

The challenges and rewards of the hike were intertwined, making the experience truly unforgettable. Amidst the crisp mountain air, we forged cherished memories as we overcame obstacles together and discovered hidden marvels along the way. This trip made me a profound connection with nature and it has since inspired me to seek more adventures, explore diverse terrains, and create lasting bonds with both nature and friends.

 Q: What is your favorite thing about the sport?

Without a doubt, it is not reaching the goal, it is enjoying the process, the path. I also like the fresh air, the sense of adventure, the companionship of hiking with good friends and off course my dog. Hiking makes me feel more energetic and optimistic, in every hike I´m using my mind and body to explore the natural world.

For me hiking is to: Disconnect to reconnect with yourself through nature

Q:What is your least favorite thing about this sport?

Indeed, like any other sport, hiking comes with inherent risks and it can be physically demanding if you are unprepared. Slippery terrains, steep cliffs, and unpredictable weather can lead sometime to serious accidents or injuries. Also, when venturing into unfamiliar terrains alone, the fear of getting lost is a legitimate concern, and it’s a common experience shared by many hikers.

Q:Why did you decide to start using BERT?

I have a deep passion for backpacking, and whenever the opportunity arises, I try to spend the entire weekend exploring the mountains and natural parks here in Colombia. However, before I discovered BERT, I faced a challenge when it came to carrying extra shoes during these adventures. With limited space in my backpack and the need to carry various essential items for overnight stays, every ounce counted. The heavier my bag the less efficient and enjoyable my trekking experience became, as it affected my walking pace and caused discomfort in my back. 

In the past, my high-tech boots couldn’t entirely protect me when I had to cross rivers or encounter wet conditions. Despite their advanced features, my feet would inevitably get wet. Adding further discomfort to my journey. Upon reaching the camping zones, my foremost desire was to  take off my hiking boots and provide my feet with much-needed relaxation. The weight of those boots became burdensome after a long day of hiking.

 Discovering BERT proved to be the perfect solution to my prayers. These active slippers are incredibly lightweight, making them barely noticeable in my backpack. The relief of not carrying additional weight allows me to hike more efficiently and comfortable. They are a treat for my tired feet as soon as I stop walking.

Q:What is your favorite thing about BERT´s ?

Everything! my Bert´s are now my trusted trekking companion, I can fully immerse myself in the wonders of nature without worrying about cumbersome footwear. Crossing rivers or dealing with wet conditions no longer bothers me as BERT provides the right balance of comfort and support. As soon as I arrive at my camping spot, the first thing I do is put on my BERT shoes, instantly indulging my feet with their cozy feel.

BERT has truly enhanced my trekking experiences, and I now look forward to every adventure with a newfound enthusiasm and comfort. Thank to these lightweight and comfortable shoes, my passion for exploring the great outdoors has only grown stronger.

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